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You are a professional martial arts business owner so you are smart, tough and well used to achieving your goals and are prepared to do what it takes to live a Successful Happy Life. You are who the Martial Arts Business Academy was started for.

Why Are We Different From the Rest?

There is lots of good information on how to grow your business, so why is it that 99% of all businesses cease to trade within 15 years? It is a scary statistic that no one wants to talk about. With all of this great information around why isn’t everyone Happy Millionaires?


So What Holds Us Back from Achieving Our Dreams?

It’s the Limiting Beliefs deep in our unconscious minds sabotaging our greatest successes.

You Know What You Should Do but somehow don’t get around to doing it.

Now You Can Learn Easy High Performance Strategies AND ACTUALLY DO THEM AND SUCCEED

Overcome Everything that holds you back so the You Start Succeeding and Living Your Dream

So Who Am I? –

My name is John Hine and I have been Successfully running Martial Arts Schools for the last 30 +Years. In that time I have taught over 200 Instructors, Created Franchises and taught hundreds the successful way to run a martial arts school. But knowing marketing and business tools is not enough.

In addition to my martial arts skills I am a business and High Performance Coach using Hypnosis, NLP to break through the Limiting Beliefs that stop achieving the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS.

  • Video Blog 1 – Building my first schools maba-blog1-thmb Hey, welcome to the Martial Arts Business Academy. Great to have you with me. I’ve been thinking during the week, there are so many things that I can show you about marketing or business practice, or the latest tactics. But probably one of the best things I can tell you is from personal experience, and see if you can gain something from it. I’ve been teaching martial-arts for a ...
  • Video Blog 2 – Websites for your classes maba-blog2-thmb Websites for you classes – How to make them better & bring in more clients. Welcome to the Martial Arts Business Academy, it’s great to have you here. My name is John Hine, and I’ll be helping you build your classes stronger, faster and bigger. The first thing we need to do is to focus on how visible you are. We all need to be visible. ...
  • Videoblog 3 – Act Now! maba-blog3-thmb How to achieve your goals – now. Welcome to the Martial Arts Business Academy, it’s great to have you with us. Quite often I get asked by clients; can you teach us some techniques for increasing the number of people who visit our site, the number of people who do our free lessons, the number of people who inquire? And there are masses of things that ...
  • Videoblog 4 – Taking Calculated Risks maba-blog4-thmb What I want to talk about today, is taking calculated risks. You get to a point where you school is growing, and you’re doing really really well. You’ve been doing very well for many years. And all of a sudden, the advertising, the marketing starts to go a bit wrong, and you keep trying to search in your brain, why’s it going wrong? I’ve done ...
  • Videoblog 5 – Referrals maba-blog5-thmb Hi, hope you’ve had a really good week, and that you’re doing really well. Today we’re going to talk about using referrals. It’s ok to be really clever at marketing, always involved in doing big marketing launches and things like that, but sometimes it’s low-tech, and offline that works best. So, one of those referrals; if you’ve got a couple of hundred students, or even ...
  • Never Forget Anything Again -Ever   Never Forget Anything Again Ever If you’ve just started running a martial arts school you will not have accumulated too much information yet.  However, after a few years you will have it and there will be masses of it. You are obviously going to get really big and very busy. Busy is the problem when you keep meeting lots of people like instructors, venue of organisers and ...
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Building my first schools

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Websites for your classes

Websites for you classes – How to make them better & bring in more clients.

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Act Now!

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